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Emergency Assistance


Emergency assistance helps provide life’s basic necessities: medical expenses, rent, utilities, household appliances such as a stove so that families can cook hot meals, and items as simple as a bed to prevent the difficult reality of having to sleep on the floor night after night. Not only do the recipients not have enough money to cover their basic daily needs, but many are caretakers for young children. These families have exhausted all other resources and have nowhere else to turn.

Assistance is distributed on an emergency basis. AFWM and its volunteer review committee consider each application on its individual merit. Since its inception in 1993, the AFWM is proud to have provided individual grants totaling over $850,000 in support. AFWM is always welcoming new members of our review committee, which meets biweekly on Mondays at 5 p.m. Please call (413) 592-5444 or email info@aidsfoundationwm.org for more information.

The AFWM distributes emergency assistance to HIV-positive individuals based on a variety of needs. Click Here to view a PDF with more information about applying, or contact AFWM at (413) 592-5444 or info@aidsfoundationwm.org.

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