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AIDS Foundation of Western Massachusetts

Sep 28

2016 AIDS 5K Run Times Announced!

Here are the finishing times for the AIDS 5K Run held at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA on September 25, 2016:

Thanks again to all who participated!

Place Bib Number Time
1 104 20:10.56
2 107 23:01.63
3 116 23:12.19
4 130 25:08.23
5 128 27:04.92
6 101 27:36.80
7 106 27:39.38
8 108 29:37.65
9 118 29:41.42
10 119 29:45.01
11 109 29:48.31
12 115 30:06.19
13 102 30:20.92
14 129 31:56.19
15 124 33:24.44
16 113 33:28.30
17 127 33:58.45
18 112 34:53.39
19 114 35:07.87
20 110 36:11.79
21 126 36:28.70
22 111 36:29.00
23 120 36:44.61
24 121 36:50.71
25 103 37:09.50
26 123 38:23.54

Check out the CoolRunning website for more details.

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Feb 09

Photos from Viva! 2016 are now online!

Thanks to our event photographer, Ally Montemagni, for taking such lovely photos at Viva! 2016. If you would like to look at the photos, they are available online at:

AIDS Foundation Viva! Gala 2016 Event Photos

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Oct 05

Photos from the AIDS Walk/Run are now online!

We would like to thank Ally Montemagni Photography for taking photos at our annual Walk/Run event. Ally has posted all of the photos online and you can view them at the link below:


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Sep 30

AIDS 5K Run Times Announced

Here are the run times for the AIDS 5K Run at Stanley Park in Westfield, MA on September 27, 2015:

Run Times AIDS 5K Sept 2015

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Sep 29

5k Run Times Announced

Saturday's 5k Winners with their Fast Feet gift cards

Saturday’s 5k Winners with their Fast Feet gift cards

Congratulations to Jannah and Andrew Tierney, the winners of Saturday’s 5k Run!

The officially recorded times are

35 23:09 Jannah Tierney
37 28:19 Andrew Tierney
30 28:24 Rodrigo Dominguez
27 28:27 Christina Vala
43 28:28 Ute Schmidt
42 28:37 Jonna Gaberman
44 29:23 Jessie LaValle
31 29:31 Jessica Meyers
29 29:31 Mahala Dyer Stewart
39 30:21 Jennifer Thompson
38 30:21 Ryan Ponce
19 30:30 Maribel Douglas
99 32:50
45 32:52 Katie Gagne
40 34:08 Sarah Murphy
41 34:52 Bruce Wintman
28 34:52 Kristen Benjamin
26 37:05 Sarah Miller

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Jan 01

AFWM Receives Programming Grant


AFWM is excited to announce that it is a recipient of the Colburn-Keenan Foundation‘s Marcy Shulman Memorial Organization Grant, which supports program and research programs of community, local and national nonprofit organizations. The grant, which totals $8,050, will be used in support of the Living Positive men’s peer support group, the National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Conference and World AIDS Day 2014. Learn more about the grant now

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Nov 26

A Letter of Support from Ann Gillard

Dear Friends:

As outgoing President of the Board of Trustees, I’d like to thank you for all that you have done to support the AIDS Foundation of Western Massachusetts (AFWM). 2013 marks our 20th Anniversary and all of our good work is a direct result of your compassion and dedication to our mission of creating a positive community impact through innovative and empowering education and support in Hampden and Hampshire counties. Without you, none of our work is possible.

The family who just got back on their feet and finally saved enough money to move out of a friend’s basement still can’t afford to buy a bed for their daughter to sleep in. Because of the AIDS Foundation of Western Massachusetts emergency assistance program, this little girl will have a place to lie her head down and sleep comfortably in order to be her best for school tomorrow.

A young man, feeling discouraged and defeated by life, finally finds solace among a compassionate group of men in AFWM’s Living Positive support group. He now has a place where he can discuss his concerns and share his experiences with other men who are living with HIV/AIDS.

A group of teenagers is scattered around the office one evening, working in pairs and trios to perfect their next presentation to a local school. These students have dedicated themselves to AFWM’s AIDS kNOw More Project. They have taken on the monumental task of learning all they can about HIV/AIDS prevention and related stigma, treatment, and risk reduction—and then they share it with others through a series of presentations to local schools and community events.

These are the reasons that I support AFWM. Since the foundation was formed in 1993 it has provided over $750,000 worth of emergency assistance to more than 2,100 individuals and families in our community. This is accomplished with only one staff member and a bare bones operating budget. Without the help of each and every one of you—whether you came to us as a guest at Viva!, the AIDS Walk/5K Run, or our first ever National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Conference—we could not have been able to help so many.

Please join me in making a donation to AFWM’s Campaign for Compassion. There are a number of ways to give and every dollar counts so please consider making your tax deductible gift today. The fastest and easiest way to make your gift is to go to www.aidsfoundationwm.org and click the orange donate button at the top right of the screen. You can also use the enclosed reply card and mail a check for $20, $75, $100 or whatever amount feels right to you.

As we prepare to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, perhaps you would like to join me in becoming a premier member of our “Red Ribbon Society.” This is a group of dedicated donors who have made the pledge to become a sustaining donor with their recurring gifts of $20 or more each month.

No matter what level you are at, know that your donation will help enable the AIDS Foundation of Western Massachusetts to meet an ever-growing volume of requests for assistance and continue to provide important HIV/AIDS education throughout our community. If you have questions about the work of The Foundation or about how to make your gift please contact executive director, Jess Crevier at 413-301-0955 or jcrevier@aidsfoundationwm.org.


Ann Gillard, Ph.D.
Member and Past President of the AFWM Board of Trustees

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